Schedule Apr 18, 2008
Communicating Across Disciplinary Barriers
Jennifer Ouellette, Science Journalist in Residence, KITP

Even at very high levels of physics, in areas that overlap significantly, it can require substantial effort to get one's research points across. Yet it is often precisely at these interdisciplinary boundaries where the most exciting and significant breakthroughs can occur. This workshop will adapt the concept of PowerPoint Karaoke to jump-start a discussion on the challenges of communicating one's research across disciplinary (or sub-disciplinary) boundaries. Relax - there will be no singing involved. PowerPoint Karaoke originated with a group of graduate students who experimented with giving random PowerPoint presentations in fields other than their own - often with amusing results. Pre-selected volunteers will give a randomly selected PowerPoint presentation to set the tone (and amuse the audience), and then we will move to the discussion.

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