Schedule Aug 21, 2009
Multicolor Light Curve of Type II Supernova Shock Breakout
Nozomu Tominaga (Konan Univ.)

Shock breakout is the brightest radiative phenomenon in a Type II supernova (SN) which releases a stored thermal energy when a shock emerges from the stellar surface. Although it was predicted to be very bright, it is difficult to observe the shock breakout due to the short duration and X-ray/ultravoilet-peaked spectra. First entire observations of the shock breakouts of Type II SNe were reported in 2008 by ultra-violet and optical observations by the GALEX satellite and supernova legacy survey (SNLS), named SNLS-04D2dc and SNLS-06D1jd. We present multicolor light curves of the Type II SN shock breakouts with radiation hydrodynamical codes, STELLA, compare them with the observations, and derive the SN properties.

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