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About KITP Online Talks

Most seminars, conferences, colloquia, and lectures at KITP since late 1997 have been archived on our website, in the form of slides, audio, video, and podcasts. Our purpose is to foster scientific communication, education, and outreach.

Terms of use: The position of the KITP is that ownership and copyright of all online material -- slides, text, audio, video, and podcasts -- belongs to the author. KITP is providing dissemination for these materials but does not claim ownership. Any person citing these materials for scholarly purposes should provide an appropriate scholarly reference, e.g. of the form

Author, (Year): Title. Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. Audiovisual. https://doi.org/10.26081/EXAMPLE
Any person wishing to make any other use of these materials, or wishing to redistribute them in any form for any purpose, must contact the author for permission. In particular, any commercial use of this material is forbidden without express permission of the author.

A note to speakers: We would very much like to record and post your talk at KITP, but if you wish to opt out, or to have us edit or embargo the recording, please contact the KITP Talks Editor <alina@kitp.ucsb.edu> so that we can properly accomodate you.

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