Strings '98 Proceedings

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Invited Talks

Introduction            David Gross, Director, ITP

Ofer Aharony            Quantitative Tests of Maldacena's Conjecture

Tom Banks               Locality and Holography in AdS/CFT

Nathan Berkovits        Generalization of the R^4 Conjecture

Misha Bershadsky	String Expansion as Large N Expansion

Adel Bilal 		DLCQ of M-Theory as the Light-Like Limit

Mirjam Cvetic           Microstates from the Near-Horizon Geometry 
                        of Rotating Black Holes     

Jan de Boer     	6d Supergravity on S^3 X AdS^3 and 2d CFT

Michael Dine 		Enhanced Symmetries and
                        the Ground State of String Theory
			- and - 
			a Status Report on Multigraviton Scattering 
			in Matrix Theory versus DLCQ Supergravity

Mike Douglas		Strings, Branes and Noncommutative Geometry

Michael Duff 		Anti-de Sitter Space, Branes, Singletons,
                  	Superconformal Field Theories and All That

Sergio Ferrara		Bulk Gauge Fields in AdS Supergravity
                        and Supersingletons

Dan Freedman    	Anti-de-Sitter Space - a Nice Place to Visit,
                     	But You Wouldn't Want to Live There

Amit Giveon		Comments on String Theory on Anti de Sitter Space

Michael Green 		Non-Perturbative Effects in Superstring
                   	and Yang--Mills Theory

Brian Greene		Aspects of D-branes on Curved Space

David Gross		Aspects of Large N Gauge Theory Dynamics
                        as Seen by String Theory

Steve Gubser  		Gauge Theory Correlators From Supergravity

Amihay Hanany		Brane Box Models

Jeff Harvey             A Few Bumps on the M5

Petr Horava             M-Theory, Field Theory and Holography

Kentaro Hori            Consistency Condition for Fivebrane 
                        in M Theory on R^5/Z_2 Orbifold

Gary Horowitz		Negative AdS Energy
                        and its Implications for Large N Gauge Theory

Paul Howe               Conformal Symmetry, Branes and Fields in Superspace

Chris Hull		The Times They Are A-Changing

Seungjoon Hyun          The Background Geometry of DLCQ M Theory and Holography

Nissan Itzhaki	        Non-Conformal Field Theories and Supergravity

Shamit Kachru		A Non-Superstring, II

Renata Kallosh          Near Horizon Superspace

Igor Klebanov  		From Black Threebranes to Large N Gauge Theories

Barak Kol   		The Particle Spectrum of N=4 d=4 Gauge Theory
                        and (p,q) Webs

Wolfgang Lerche		Open-Closed String Mirror Symmetry

David Lowe              Chiral SUSY Gauge Theories Via Branes

Juan Maldacena		The Large N Limit of Field Theories and Gravity

Emil Martinec           The D-star and its Decays

Samir Mathur		Absorption by D3-Branes

Shiraz Minwalla		3-Point Functions of Chiral Operators
                        in D=4 \CN=4 SYM at Large N 

Greg Moore              Arithmetic and Attractors

Dave Morrison  		Non-Spherical Horizons

Yaron Oz                Glueball Mass Spectrum From Supergravity

Eliezer Rabinovici	Issues of Extensivity Versus Holography
                        in Anti-de Sitter Spaces

Ashoke Sen   		Stable Non-BPS States in String Theory

Savdeep Sethi		String Junctions and the BPS Spectrum of N=2 Theories

Eva Silverstein		A Non-Superstring, I

Andy Strominger	        The Black Hole Horizon

Lenny Susskind          The Holographic Principle

Paul Townsend           New Horizons in M-Theory

Arkady Tseytlin         Strings in AdS_5 x S^5

Toine Van Proeyen	From Anti-de Sitter Background
                        to Superconformal World Sheet Symmetry

Herman Verlinde         Matrix String Interactions

Edward Witten		Baryons and Branes in Anti de Sitter Space

Contributed Posters

Klaus Behrndt, Ilka Bruhner, Ingo Gaida CFT's on the boundaries of AdS3

Eduardo Eyras, Bert Janssen, Yolanda Lozano  5-branes, KK-monopoles and T-duality

Sebastian de Haro       Planckian Scattering as a Holographic Field Theory

Sergei Ketov            Making Manifest the Symmetry Enhancement for Coinciding BPS Branes

N. Nekrasov             D-Particle Bound States Matrix Integrals and KP

Aleksey Nudelman        High Energy Scattering of D0 branes in SUGRA

Victor O. Rivelles      Duality Symmetry in the Schwarz-Sen Model

Ricardo Schiappa, Kasper Olsen Heterotic T-Duality and the Renormalization Group

J. McCarthy, L. Susskind, Andy Wilkins Large N and Dine-Rajaraman Problem

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