KITP Online Conference:
Symmetries in Morphogenesis: from Mechanisms to Principles

(Oct 21-22, 2020)
Coordinators: Danelle Devenport, Eyal Karzbrun, Noah Mitchell, and Eric Siggia

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Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020

Cell fate decisions in the early embryo: signaling and mechanics, Chair: Eric Sigga (Rockefeller Univ.)

8:00am Berna Sozen (Yale) Modelling mammalian early embryonic development and patterning in vitro with stem cells[Slides][Video]
8:45am Takashi Hiiragi (EMBL) Symmetry breaking and self-organization in mouse development[Video]


Anterior-Posterior symmetry breaking: role of tissue mechanics, Chair: Eyal Karzbrun (UCSB)

10:00am Kinneret Keren (Technion Univ.) Polarity and axis determination in Hydra regeneration[Video]
10:45am Jerome Gros (Institut Pasteur) Role of tissue mechanics in embryonic self-organization[Embargoed]

Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

Left-Right symmetry breaking driven by hydrodynamics, Chair: Noah Mitchell (UCSB)

8:00am Daniel T. Grimes (Univ. of Oregon) Cell communication mediated by fluid flows in development and disease[Video]
8:45am Hiroshi Hamada (Riken CDB, Japan) Sensing the fluid flow by immotile cilia for left-right asymmetry[Video]


Pattern formation in tissues, Chair: Danelle Devenport (Princeton)

10:00am Amy Shyer (Rockefeller) Multicellular dynamics during morphogenesis of the vertebrate skin[Embargoed]
10:45am Madhav Mani (Northwestern) Hidden symmetries in final form[Video]