KITP Program: Interacting Topological Matter: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Systems
(Jun 1 - Aug 13, 2021)
Coordinators: Monika Aidelsburger, Georg Bruun, Victor Gurarie, and Pietro Massignan

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Time Speaker Title
8/12, 9:00am Ashvin Vishwanath
Realizing Exotic Phases in Synthetic Quantum Matter: From moire' fractional Chern insulators to Rydberg spin liquids.[Video]
8/12, 8:00am Oded Zilberberg
ETH Zurich
From high-dimensional Hall physics to High-order topology through topological pumps.[Video]
8/10, 9:30am Michael Kolodrubetz
UT Dallas
Localization and topology in Floquet systems with quantized drive[Video]
8/10, 8:30am Paivi Torma
Aalto Univ.
Quantum geometry and topology in superconductivity, Bose-Einstein condensation, and light-matter interactions[Video]
8/09, 9:30am Alejandro Gonzalez Tudela
Quantum optics meet topology: individual and collective dynamics[Video]
8/09, 9:00am Dimitri Pimenov
Univ. of Minnesota
Topological drag of a trivial impurity[Slides][Video]
8/09, 8:00am Chaoxing Liu
Penn State
Pseudo-Gauge Field in Dirac/Weyl Materials[Video]
8/05, 9:00am Torsten Zache
(Univ. Innsbruck)
Quantum Variational Learning of the Entanglement Hamiltonian[Video]
8/05, 8:00am Vittorio Peano
Bosonic pairing interactions and topological band structures[Video]
8/03, 9:00am Frederic Mila
Chiral transition at commensurate melting in chains of Rydberg atoms[Video]
8/03, 8:00am Tomoki Ozawa
(Tohoku Univ.)
Quantum geometry for ultracold atoms and other AMO systems[Video]
8/02, 9:30am Botao Wang
(TU Berlin)
Spatiotemporal control of artificial gauge potentials in optical lattices[Video]
8/02, 9:00am Marcelo Guzman
(ENS Lyon)
Geometry and Topology Tango in Ordered and Amorphous Chiral Matter.[Video]
8/02, 8:00am Zhengcheng Gu
Classification and construction of crystalline topological superconductors and insulators in 2D interacting fermionic systems[Video]
7/29, 9:00am Sebastian Diehl
(Univ. of Cologne)
Symmetry Classification and Topology in Driven Open Quantum Systems[Video]
7/29, 8:00am Alberto Amo
Landau levels and artificial magnetism in polaritons lattices[Video]
7/27, 9:00am Emil Prodan
(Yeshiva Univ.)
Topological Dynamics of Fermions: A View from Non-Commutative Geometry[Video]
7/27, 8:00am Sebastian Huber
(ETH Zurich)
Fragile topology in strongly interacting systems: quantum simulation across scales[Video]
7/26, 9:15am Sayan Choudhury
An eternal discrete time crystal[Slides][Video]
7/26, 8:45am Yu Ping Lin
(CU Boulder)
Van Hove charge density waves on hexagonal lattices: Haldane-model phases, higher-order topology, and kagome metals[Slides][Video]
7/26, 8:15am Sylvain Ravets
(Universite Paris Saclay)
Gap solitons in a driven-dissipative SSH lattice[Video]
7/22, 8:30am Tomas Bzdusek
(ETH Zurich)
Homotopic insights into topological band invariants[Slides][Video]
7/22, 8:00am Maia Vergniory
The role of crystalline symmetries in topological materials[Video]
7/20, 8:30am Nigel Cooper
Fragility of Time Reversal Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases[Slides][Video]
7/20, 8:00am Antoine Browaeys
Exploring topology with arrays of Rydberg atoms[Video]
7/19, 9:15am Ruben Verresen
Toric code topological order in a Rydberg atom array: probing a BEC of quantum strings[Video]
7/19, 8:45am Gabriel Topp
(Aalto Univ.)
Floquet moire material engineering[Video]
7/19, 8:15am Alexandre Dauphin
Self-Trapped Polarons and Topological Defects in a Topological Mott Insulator[Slides][Video]
7/15, 9:00am Mikael Rechtsman
(Penn State)
Nonlinear Dynamics of Photonic Topological Systems[Video]
7/15, 8:00am Carlos Sa de Melo
(Georgia Tech)
Topological Color-Hall Insulators: SU(3) Fermions in Optical Lattices[Video]
7/13, 9:00am Mohammad Hafezi
Quantum optics of correlated electron systems[Video]
7/13, 8:00am Taylor Hughes
(Univ. of Illinois)
Analogs of Fractional Charge in Higher Order Topological Meta-materials[Video]
7/12, 9:15am Yizhi You
Higher order topological phase transition[Video]
7/12, 8:45am Andreas Haller
(Univ. of Mainz)
Probing the topological phase diagram through dynamics in interacting fermionic lattices with chiral symmetry[Video]
7/12, 8:15am Patrick Ledwith
The geometry of Chern bands in twisted bilayer graphene and implications for Fractional Chern Insulator phases[Video]
7/08, 9:00am Matteo Rizzi
(University of Cologne)
Quantum Hall States with Cold Atomic Gases[Slides][Video]
7/08, 8:00am Gyu-Boong Jo
Topological control of quantum states in non-Hermitian spin-orbit-coupled fermions[Video]
7/06, 9:00am Subir Sachdev
Quantum phases of matter with Rydberg atoms[Slides][Video]
7/06, 8:00am Cecile Repellin
Creating a bosonic fractional quantum Hall state by pairing fermions[Video]
7/01, 9:00am Fabian Grusdt
(LMU Munich)
Interacting topological quantum states in reach of ultracold atom experiments[Video]
7/01, 8:00am Frank Pollmann
Exploring Topological Phases on Quantum Processors[Video]
6/29, 9:00am Sarang Gopalakrishnan
(Penn State)
Interacting integrable pumps[Video]
6/29, 8:00am Anne Nielsen
Anyons and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect on Fractals[Video]
6/28, 9:15am Umberto Borla
Gauging the Kitaev chain[Slides][Video]
6/28, 8:45am Carolyn Zhang
(U. Chicago)
Bulk and edge signatures of interacting Floquet systems[Video]
6/28, 8:15am Qiyu Liang
Coherence and decoherence in the Harper-Hofstadter model[Video]
6/28, 8:00am All Participants Everybody - Meet & greet
6/24, 9:00am Jad Halimeh
(Univ. of Trento)
Stabilizing gauge invariance through energetic constraints and local pseudo generators
6/24, 8:00am Alejandro Bermudez
(Univ. de Madrid)
Cold-atom Z2 fields coupled to matter: from symmetry-breaking topological phases to deconfinement.[Video]
6/22, 9:00am Sergej Moroz
Two-dimensional Z_2 gauge theory coupled to single-component fermion matter: from topological order to confinement and fractons[Slides][Video]
6/22, 8:00am Sylvain Nascimbene
(LKB - Sorbonne)
Synthetic quantum Hall cylinder with atomic Dysprosium[Video]
6/21, 9:15am Airlia Shaffer-Moag
Rapidly rotating Bose gases[Video]
6/21, 8:45am Grazia Salerno
(Aalto Univ.)
Interaction-induced lattices for bound states[Video]
6/21, 8:15am Konrad Viebahn
(ETH Zurich)
Multi-frequency Floquet engineering[Slides][Video]
6/21, 8:00am All Participants Meet & Greet session[Video]
6/17, 9:00am Hannah Price
(Univ. Birmingham)
Exploring Four-Dimensional Quantum Hall Physics[Slides][Video]
6/17, 8:00am Leticia Tarruell
(ICFO Barcelona)
Realizing a one-dimensional topological gauge theory in an optically dressed Bose-Einstein condensate[Video]
6/15, 9:00am Leo Radzihovsky
(CU Boulder)
Gauge theories of gapless fractons[Slides]
6/15, 8:00am Nathan Goldman
Detecting fractional quantum Hall states of few bosons in an optical lattice[Slides][Video]
6/14, 9:30am Aaron Friedman
(University of Colorado Boulder)
Topological edge modes without symmetry in quasiperiodically driven spin chains[Video]
6/14, 9:00am Hossein Dehghani
(University of Maryland)
Extraction of many-body Chern number from a single wavefunction[Video]
6/14, 8:30am Marco Di Liberto
Non-Abelian Bloch Oscillations in Higher-Order Topological Insulators[Video]
6/14, 8:00am All Participants Meet & Greet session[Video]
6/10, 9:00am Ian Spielman
(University of Maryland)
Floquet-engineering near-perfect Dirac bands[Video]
6/10, 8:00am David Weld
Localization and delocalization in kicked quantum matter[Video]
6/08, 9:00am Netanel Lindner
Topology and Dynamical Liquid Crystallinity in Many-Body Floquet Systems[Video]
6/08, 8:00am Michael Levin
(U. Chicago)
Floquet topological phases with U(1) symmetry[Video]
6/07 12:15pm Monika Aidelsburger
(Univ. Munich)
Simulating Topological Matter with Cold Atoms[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
6/07, 9:15am Pieter Claeys
Floquet-engineering counterdiabatic protocols in quantum many-body systems[Slides][Video]
6/07, 8:45am Nur Unal
(Univ. of Cambridge)
Dynamics of a New Topology: the Euler Class[Slides][Video]
6/07, 8:15am Marin Bukov
(Univ. of Sofia)
Floquet engineering with strongly correlated systems[Video]
6/07, 8:00am All Participants Meet & Greet[Video]
6/03, 9:00am Mark Rudner
(Niels Bohr Institute)
Interaction-enabled topological phases of Floquet systems without equilibrium analogues[Slides][Video]
6/03, 8:00am Christof Weitenberg
(University of Hamburg)
Experimental Floquet techniques for realizing topological models with ultracold atoms[Slides][Video]
6/01, 9:00am Andre Eckardt
(TU Berlin)
Floquet engineering of topological matter[Video][CC]
6/01, 8:00am All Participants Organizational Meeting and Meet & Greet[Video][CC]
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