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Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4030
Main Phone: 805-893-4111 Web: http://www.kitp.ucsb.edu
Fax: 805-893-2431 Email: username@kitp.ucsb.edu
Phones: 805-893-nnnn
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General Members

Bowick, Mark1510-6378bowick16-Aug-1615-Aug-21DD
Aasen, Dave2409-6314 1-Aug-1931-Jul-21PD
Balents, Leon2315-6381balents14-Jul-08 - - PM
Bustard, Chad 1-Sep-2031-Aug-22PD
Craig, Nathaniel 4-Aug-20 - - PI
Eardley, Doug2329-2280doug 1-Jul-99 - - PI
Einhorn, Marty2331-6309meinhorn 1-Jan-14 - - ITPfamily
Fisher, Matthew2305-6353mpaf 1-Apr-13 - - ITPfamily
Garcia Garcia, Isabel2405-6337 3-Sep-18 2-Sep-21PD
Gross, David1219-7337gross 1-Jul-12 - - PM
Hartle, James-272523-Aug-14 1-Jan-99ITPfamily
Hone, Daniel1203-6372hone 1-Sep-12 - - ITPfamily
Ji, Wenjie 1-Sep-2031-Aug-23PD
Karzbrun, Eyal250416-Jan-1831-Mar-21PD
Keselman, Anna2409-6314 3-Nov-1731-May-22PD
Langer, Jim1202-7597 1-Oct-95 - - PI
Lee, Jong Yeon 1-Sep-2031-Aug-22PD
Luo, Zhu-Xi2114-6357 3-Sep-19 2-Sep-21PD
Mandelker, Nir 1-Sep-2031-Aug-22PD
Mitchell, Noah240310-Dec-18 9-Dec-20PD
Morrison, Dave1506-6356 1-Jan-07 - - PI
Noll, Nick 1-Sep-2031-Aug-22PD
Oh, Peng2327-7254 1-Sep-11 - - PI
Paxton, Bill2113-6352paxton31-Oct-1230-Jun-30ResFellow
Pedersen, May 1-Sep-2031-Aug-22PD
Remmen, Grant 1-Aug-2031-Jul-22PD
Ressler, Sean2111 2-Sep-19 1-Sep-21PD
Sawyer, Ray1203-6372 1-Sep-90 - - ITPfamily
Scalapino, Doug-2871 1-Sep-00 - - ITPfamily
Seifert, Urban20-Jul-2030-Sep-21PD
Shapourian, Hassan25-Sep-20 1-Sep-21PD
Shraiman, Boris2317-2835shraiman 1-Jul-04 - - PM
Slater, Paul-2548 1-Jul-15 - - GM_1516
Sugar, Bob-3469 1-Sep-79 - - PI
Suh, Josephine 1-Sep-2031-Aug-21PD
Vainshtein, Arkady1204-6340 5-Jun-18 - - GM_1819
Xu, Cenke-4029 4-Aug-20 - - PI
Ye, Mengxing2114-635730-Aug-1911-Sep-22PD
Zee, Tony2115-4213zee 1-Jul-09 - - PI
Zhou, Tianci2117 3-Sep-18 2-Sep-21PD

Burgard, Amy1108-6339amyFinancial Manager
Czerniec, Timothy1113-5426czerniecProgrammer
Daniel, William2202-7340williamStudent Computing Assistant
Groves, Susie1508-6324stgrovesAssistant to the Director
Gutierrez, Alina2104-2896alinaOnline Talks - Production & IT Coordinator
Gutierrez, Claudia1103-6383claudiaConference Coordinator
Kaczorowski, David1111-6387davidkProgram Manager
Kelley, Timber1112-6380timberProgram Assistant
Kunimoto, Craig2102-6315craigSystems Administrator
Lu, Kristy2202-7340kristyluStudent Computing Assistant
Marquez, Carlos1107-1137carlosResidence Manager
Newton, Kristi1504-6307kristiDevelopment Officer
Rojas, Bibiana1102-7685bibiVisitor Services Assistant
Sherriffs, Maggie1114-6332sherriffsSpecial Programs & Evaluation Manager
Staggs, Lori1104-6313lstaggsFinancial Assistant
Stasiowski, Chris2202-7340cstasiowski 9-Oct-19 - - STUDENTSTAFF
Stewart, Lisa1512-6316lisaChief Administrative Officer
Turley, Megan1230-6350meganKITP Development Coordinator
Urbain-Racine, Alexis2202-7340alexis 5-Nov-18 - - STUDENTSTAFF
White, Martine1220-6363martineSpecial Assistant

Computer Room2202-7340helpComputing Help Desk
KITP Library2303-7328
Main KITP Fax1233-2431