Schedule Sep 29, 2020
Towards topological quantum computing with Kitaev materials
Jason Alicea, Caltech
Cite as: doi:10.26081/K6KP5X

Recent experiments on the Kitaev material RuCl_3 support the emergence of a magnetic-field-induced spin liquid phase featuring non-Abelian anyons, which underlie intrinsically fault-tolerant topological quantum computation schemes. This talk will explore two classes of measurements that probe the hallmark chiral Majorana edge state and bulk anyons born in such a spin liquid. The first class utilizes low-voltage electrical probes – despite the fact that RuCl_3 realizes a good Mott insulator! To this end I will introduce circuits that interface electrically active systems with RuCl_3 to perfectly convert physical fermions in the former into emergent fermions in the latter, enabling analogues of transport probes for topological superconductors. The second class of measurements utilizes ancilla spins to implement a time-domain analog of anyon interferometry developed for quantum Hall systems. Together, these results illuminate a partial pathway towards exploiting Kitaev materials for topological quantum computation.

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