KITP Program: Correlated Systems with Multicomponent Local Hilbert Spaces
(Sep 28 - Dec 18, 2020)
Coordinators: George Jackeli, Natasha Perkins, Lucile Savary, and Oskar Vafek

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Time Speaker Title
9/28, 8:00am All Participants Organizational meeting[Video]
9/29, 8:00am Jason Alicea
Towards topological quantum computing with Kitaev materials[Slides][Video]
9/29, 8:50am Jennifer Cano
Stony Brook
A moire superlattice on the surface of a topological insulator[Video]
10/01, 8:00am Tarun Grover
Simulatable models of non-Fermi liquids and nodal superconductivity.[Slides][Video]
10/01, 8:50am Alexander Altland
Univ. of Cologne
SYK quantum matter[Slides][Video]
10/07, 8:00am Arun Paramekanti
Univ. of Toronto
Octupolar order in a d-orbital quantum magnet[Slides][Video]
10/07, 8:50am Joe Checkelsky
Lattice and Superlattice Approaches to Correlated Metals[Embargoed]
10/08, 8:00am Emilia Morosan
Quantum criticality in itinerant magnets[Video]
10/08, 8:50am Maia Vergniory
Cluster perturbation theory and topological Hamiltonian: a route to identify topological phases in correlated systems[Embargoed]
10/12, 8:00am Srinivas Raghu
Composite fermion zero modes: from the Jain sequence to the integer quantum Hall transition[Slides][Video]
10/13, 8:00am Catherine Pépin
CEA Saclay
Strange Bosons in Strange Metals[Slides][Video]
10/13, 8:50am Andrey Chubukov
How superconductivity first wins and then loses the battle with a non-Fermi liquid[Video]
10/15, 8:00am Subir Sachdev
Metal-to-metal quantum phase transitions, not driven by symmetry breaking[Slides][Video]
10/15, 8:50am Yuxuan Wang
Univ. of Florida
Self-tuned criticality and non-Fermi liquid pairing in a Yukawa-SYK model[Video]
10/16, 8:00am Masahiko Yamada
Wen-Han Kao
(Univ. of Minnesota)
Discussion: Disorder in the Kitaev spin liquid
10/19, 8:00am Avraham Klein
Finite temperature properties of quantum critical metals[Video]
10/19, 8:30am Gang Chen
Fudan Univ.
Infinite critical boson non-Fermi liquid and orthogonal ferromagnet[Embargoed]
10/19, 9:00am Assa Auerbach
Understanding the Hall coefficient in metals and superconductors[Video]
10/20, 8:00am Amalia Coldea
Electronic signatures of the nematic electronic phases and nematic criticality in superconducting FeSe1-xSx[Video]
10/20, 8:50am Rafael Fernandes
Univ. of Minnesota
Contrasting electronic nematicity in rigid lattices and moiré superlattices[Slides][Video]
10/22, 8:00am Dmitrii Maslov
Quasiparticle and Non-Quasiparticle Transport in Doped Quantum Paraelectrics[Video]
10/22, 8:50am James Analytis
Freezing of charge degrees of freedom across a critical point in CeCoIn5[Video]
10/26, 8:00am Yahui Zhang
Fractional Fermi Liquid from doping spin-triplet doublons and possible realization in Nickelate[Video]
10/26, 8:30am Yi-Ting Hsu
Notre Dame
Inversion-protected Majorana corner modes in superconducting topological metal: A case study of monolayer WTe2[Video]
10/26, 9:00am Alex Kamenev
University of Minnesota
Superconductivity in SYK: Kuramoto synchronization and Richardson-like solution[Video]
10/27, 8:00am Kate Ross
Colorado State
Using Seff =1/2 for Quantum Magnets: dimer state and BEC dome in Yb2Si2O7
10/27, 8:50am Steven White
Finite temperature METTS study of Hubbard cylinders
10/29, 8:00am Radu Coldea
Neutron scattering studies of quantum interaction effects in a spin-1/2 triangular antiferromagnet
10/29, 8:50am Oleg Starykh
Univ. of Utah
Collective modes of magnetized spin liquids
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