KITP Online Conference:
On the Origin, Nature, and Mixing of Multiphase Gas in Astrophysics

(Oct 15-16, 2020)
Coordinators: Chad Bustard, Nir Mandelker, Christine Simpson, and Frank van den Bosch

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Thursday, Oct 15, 2020

Session Chair: Nir Mandelker (KITP)

8:00am Christoph Pfrommer (AIP) Multi-phase gas in and around galaxies: the impact of cosmic rays, magnetic fields and cooling processes[Slides][Video]
8:30am Drummond Fielding (Flatiron Inst.) What does it mean to resolve multiphase gas?[Slides][Video]
9:00am Prateek Sharma (Indian Inst. of Science) Growth and structure of multiphase gas in the cloud-crushing problem with cooling[Video]

Session Chair: Chad Bustard (KITP)

10:00am Max Gronke (Johns Hopkins Univ.) Los muertos al cajon y los vivos al fieston: the life & death of cold gas in hot surroundings[Slides][Video]
10:30am Iryna Butsky (Univ. of Washington) The Impact of Cosmic Rays on Thermal Instability in the Circumgalactic Medium[Slides][Video]
11:00am All Participants Discussion[Video]

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

Session Chair: Christine Simpson (U. Chicago)

8:00am Stefanie Walch-Gassner (Univ. of Cologne) Multi-phase gas in and around young, star-forming molecular clouds[Video]
8:30am Yuan Li (UNT) Multiphase Gas in the Centers of Galaxy Clusters[Video]
9:00am Evan Schneider (Univ. of Pittsburgh) Multiphase Gas Mixing and Acceleration in Outflows[Video]

Session Chair: Frank van den Bosch (Yale)

10:00am Todd Thompson (OSU) Cooling, mass-loading, and cosmic rays in galactic winds[Video]
10:30am Freeke van de Voort (Cardiff Univ.) The multiphase nature of the circumgalactic medium in refined cosmological simulations[Video]
11:00am All Participants Discussion[Video]