KITP Program: The Many Faces of Relativistic Fluid Dynamics
(May 22 - Jul 14, 2023)
Coordinators: Michal P. Heller, Pavel Kovtun, Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler, and Jorge Noronha
Scientific Advisors: Ulrich Heinz, Mukund Rangamani, Dam Son, and Bill Zajc

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Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
5/23, 10:30am All Participants Meet & greet for program participants
5/23, 11:00am Lorenzo Gavassino
Slow non-hydrodynamic modes of neutron stars[Video]
5/24, 10:30am Kristan Jensen
Victoria Univ.
An invitation to hydrodynamics for systems with exotic spacetime symmetry (with applications to fractons?)[Video]
5/24, 11:15am Gokce Basar
Non-gaussian fluctuations in relativistic hydrodynamics[Video]
5/25, 10:30am Luis Lehner
Perimeter Inst.
Hydrodynamics for gravity and vice-versa[Video]
5/25, 11:15am Dekra Almaalol
Univ. of Illinois
Constraints on the hydrodynamic simulations of heavy-ion collisions[Video]
5/26, 10:30am Dam Son
U. Chicago
Exploding helium-3 nanodroplets[Video]
5/30, 10:30am Ines Aniceto
University of Southampton
The resurgent facet of hydrodynamic attractors[Video]
5/31, 10:30am Aleksas Mazeliauskas
Heidelberg University
What are hydrodynamic attractors (good for)?[Video]
5/31, 11:45am Mikhail Stephanov
University of Illinois Chicago
Maximum entropy freeze-out of fluctuations[Video]
6/01, 10:30am Heinrich Freistuhler
University of Konstanz
Shock profiles in dissipative 5-field theories
6/01, 11:45am Amos Yarom
Comments on turbulence and holography
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